Use the map below to find an NHS Dentist in Trafford borough. You can ‘drag’ the map around with the mouse to roam about the page or type in a postcode to immediately view dentists in your area. There are thousands of NHS dental places available in Trafford. Click on any of the dentist icons to find out details of that dental practice and whether it is taking new patients.

You can navigate (move your view) in two dimensions in any Google Map. To pan (move the map), do one of the following:

Additionally, you can zoom in or out pressing the + or - keys. Move the cursor over a location and use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out on that location. To center and zoom in on a location, double click the location.

Navigation controls

The navigation controls you see on the Trafford PCT Dentist Finder are shown on the left. Navigation controls include:

  1. Arrows - Click the appropriate arrow buttons to move the view north, south, east or west.
  2. Zoom - Click + to zoom in on the center of the map. Click - to zoom out.

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Office Hours 9am - 5pm

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Finding a dentist couldn't be simpler - just enter your postcode for information on your nearest NHS dental practices.

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